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From receiving, buying the seeds till delivering the final product, we have all the installations covered :
Seeds : we store seeds, owned by the client or ours, in temperature and humid controlled insulated rooms.
Nursery : dedicating time and care to each one of our plants is imperative. 15 years of experience have remarkably shaped our knowledge on, not only how to talk to plants, but also how to listen to them on a daily basis. We use up to 3 Ha of Greenhouses. Certifications : Global GAP, ISO9001, Q check and CAAE certified.
Cultivation : we have up to 100Ha greenhouses with the latest infrastructure to harvest the top quality product.  We cultivate the product you want, always under the European rules. We are only getting paid if we can deliver the deserved product, we take the risk of the harvest, so you can concentrate on what’s really important.
Drying, Bucker, Trimming : You as client has the choice, we can deliver the wet plant, we can dry for you up to the humidity % you prefer and we can create bud by using professional buckers, all this in our factory in Almeria. If you want trimmed product, we produce this  in the factory of our partners Bluagreen in Switzerland, including flower product and Cannabinoid.
Transport : Our trucks and vans can deliver to any area within Europe, or you can choose to pick up the end product in our factories.

For us the most important is the satisfaction of the client.  We want our clients to work with us for a long, long time.  And this we can only achieve by giving the perfect service and product.
  As client you explain us what end product you want, eventually with your own seeds. We study very particular, propose and discuss with you the process on how to reach the final product with success. And we agree on a price for the final product.
  We take care about the full harvest, and you as client can control at any time, and if needed we adapt the process following your needs.
And only once the final product is produced with satisfaction, the client will be asked to pay the upfront agreed purchase price.
  Thanks to our installations we can harvest whole year round, enabling us to produce weekly – monthly the product you want.
  Don’t hesitate to contact us to establish a long lasting relationship.

We take business personally. At Bryvel you talk to us personally, and for us you have a name, not only a number.

•Miguel Angel Arroyo Capilla (Co-Manager Bryvel Spain) miguel@bryvel.com :

Miguel (46) is a monument in the Hemp cultivation with over 15 years experience. Worked in Europe, America and South America.  Worked for different universities, cultivation the whole aria of Hemp, THC, CBD, CBG from very low till top end %.  He manages the company, looks for the best solutions for the client and he is always open for new experiences.  Miguel speaks English, Spanish and French.


•Jorge Ivan Gomez Murillo (Co-Manager Bryvel Spain) quality control ivan@bryvel.com :

Born in the field.  If Ivan (51) doesn’t know the plant, cultivation, illness, nutrient,.. nobody does. Ivan has years experience with Hemp, and cultivated-controlled projects of over 70 Ha.  He and Bruno are a team of over 20 years.  Ivan is, together with Bruno, the person who controls the whole process of Harvest and processing of Bryvel.  Ivan speaks English and Spanish.


•Bruno Prieto Moreno Guerrero (Co-Manager Bryvel Spain) quality control bruno@bryvel.com :

Similar to Ivan, Bruno knows everything about harvest.  Together with Ivan he controls the whole harvest and processing of Bryvel, taking care that we we have only satisfied clients.  Bruno speaks English, Spanish, ….



•Staff : At Bryvel we work with around 40 people, all in their specialised fields.

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